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Enormous, rare creature washes ashore in California

Enormous, rare creature washes ashore in California

Date: 22-10-2013 Time: 04:10:05:am

The enormous saber toothed whale. Insert: the 'oar fish' that washed ashore earlier

A rare saber toothed whale has washed ashore on a beach in California.

Bizarre and enormous sea creatures have been washing up on California’s beaches lately.

A few days ago people located a gigantic “oar fish”, which is normally found in deep waters.

The animal resembles a long snake, and could be where many salty tales of sea serpents could have originated.

The saber toothed whale usually lives in the cold, deep waters of Alaska. It’s an extraordinary find that has scientists excited to study.

 The animal was dying when it came ashore, and appeared to be suffering from large bite marks from sharks.

“It was really humbling and sad to see such a majestic creature stranded this way,” said Heather Doyle who is the director of the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium.

CNN inquired with Jim Dines of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles about why all the rare animals are washing up on shore.

“I think it’s just really a coincidence,” Dines said. “It’s too early to tell. If we were to see a whole bunch of these animal strandings, that would give more evidence of something going on.”

Although an autopsy was conducted on the saber toothed whale, scientists were unable to determine how it died.

The shark bites weren’t mortal, and there were no strange objects in its stomach. The last time one washed ashore was 15 years ago.

The adult male of the species grows the saber teeth used for combat and they are also referred to as ‘Stejneger’s beaked whale’.

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